“Cashew apple juice supplementation enhanced fat utilization during high-intensity exercise in trained and untrained body.”

— Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition


You're probably more familiar with the cashew nut which grows from the bottom of the cashew fruit, but don't be fooled: the cashew fruit water in GO CAJU is Cashew Nut free and so completely suitable for those with allergies too.


The Brazilian cashew fruit is 5 x more vitamin C than an orange, and naturally contains electrolytesantioxidants and minerals. 


Its also Cashew Nut allergy free, low in sugar, and calories. A proven fat burner, powerful remedy against colds, GO CAJU is as much refreshing and hydrating too and doesn't contain any caffeine nor artificial flavors or preservatives.

GO CAJU is also vegan and gluten-, dairy-, fat & cholesterol free. Every bottle contains 100% cashew fruit water, and nothing else.


Your premium natural alternative to energy drink; straight from the Amazon Rainforest, bottled here in the UK.


We know how life can be extremely busy.. So GO for an effortless, healthy lifestyle!




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