Frequently asked questions

Where does GO Caju get its cashew fruit from?

We source our cashew fruits directly from Brazil.

Is GO Caju made from concentrate?

Nope. Never!

Is it juice or water?

This is a water. To ‘qualify’ for a juice, it must have at least 9 grams of sugar per 100ml. GO Caju contains less!

What does GO Caju taste like?

It has a very unique, indescribable taste. Some say papaya with a bit of passionfruit, others just find it very tasty and hydrating. Why don’t you try yourself and let us know how to best describe it?

How many calories are there in each bottle?

80kcal per 250ml bottle (32kcal per 100ml).

How do I best serve GO Caju?

It is best served ice cold.

Is it suitable for those pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Absolutely. It doesn’t contain any caffeine nor nasty additives or preservatives so it is completely safe.

I’m allergic to nuts can I still drink GO Caju?

The good news is that it is suitable for those with nut allergies - tried, tested and certified! The cashew fruit isn’t actually a nut and we’ve had our drink clinically tested so you’re safe with us.

Are you dairy- and gluten free?

GO Caju is dairy- and glutenfree.

Are you Vegan?

Yes Go Caju is vegan!

Why do you cold press and use HPP?

It keeps all the beneficial nutrients in tact without affecting its natural flavour. We use these methods of processing to ensure it is fit for drinking.

Do you add (natural) flavourings or preservatives?

No, besides 100% cashew fruit water in the bottle, there really isn’t anything else. Promised!

Where can I buy your products? Are they sold online?

Buy GO Caju directly from our webstore or Amazon.