GO CAJU (3x250ml)

GO CAJU (3x250ml)


100% Natural Cashew Fruit Water - GO Healthy GO Wealthy!


The fruit, not the nuts!!

Everyone knows the excellent benefits of the Cashew Nut, but did you know that the Cashew Nut grown from the bottom of a beautiful, sweet, crisp and juicy fruit, called Cashew Fruit. Populations throughout the world have extolled the health benefits of Cashew Fruit for centuries.


Vitamin C: 5 times more than an orange.

Antibacterial proprieties: Effective in treating stomach ulcers and gastritis.

Antioxydants: Limit the pigmentation effects of aging and eradicate the cancer cells.

Electrolytes: Sodium, magnesium and potasium. Is vital for maintaining fluid balance in the body and avoid weakness and muscle cramps.

Low in Calories and Sugar

Natural Fat Burner

Fat free

Cholesterol free

Gluten free

Nut allergy free

Suitable for Vegans.


All of these benefits packed in this tiny bottle!!